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Farnham Repair Café operates from 10 am – 1pm on the second Saturday of each month at the Spire Church in Farnham. Please note that no new repairs are booked in after 12:30 pm.

You can bring along most household products. Typical products include; items of clothing, textiles, lamps, radios, Hi-Fi equipment, bicycles, strimmers, hedge trimmers, electric mowers, toasters, food mixers, coffee makers, kettles, chairs, small tables, typewriters, sewing machines, toys, power tools, laptop computers, clocks and jewellery to name but a few!

Please note there are some products we do not repair – see next FAQ.

Farnham Repair Café (FRC) does not undertake repairs on petrol driven products, industrial devices, 3 phase power tools and mobile phones. Products that could present a hazard to repairers such as those known to contain or be made from Asbestos should not be brought to the Repair Café. Alterations to clothing are also not undertaken by FRC.

You may bring up to 3 products for repair. However each product needs to be booked in individually at the reception desk. When we are busy you will need to wait once checked in for a suitable volunteer repairer to become available to make an assessment and attempt the repair of your item. Only ONE item will be examined per person at a time, and please be aware that if you have multiple items then you may have to queue multiple times (unless there is no-one else waiting).

Yes, please remember to bring anything the repairer will need in order to power the item up and attempt a diagnosis of the fault.

On arrival you are asked to check in at our reception desk to register your product and complete some simple paperwork with one of our volunteers. Once completed you will either be directed to a suitable repairer or be asked to wait in the seating area until one becomes available. Once a repairer becomes available they will discuss the fault with you and then attempt to diagnose the problem with your product. You can sit at the repair station whilst your product repair is being undertaken. You may want to can discuss the fault symptoms and even assist the repairer. We actively encourage visitors to discuss with their repairer what is being done, particularly with items that may have developed a simple fault that you could experience again. You may be able to use this knowledge to help rectify or prevent the same problem occurring in future. 

If you want to beat the queue you should pre-complete two forms that can be downloaded from Repair forms and bring them with you.

Farnham Repair Café does not make any charge to look at and attempt the repair of product or give advice concerning its repair. We do not charge for our time. If spare parts or materials are needed to carry out the repair then you are expected to pay for these. Some repairers may order parts with your prior authority that you can then reimburse the repairer for once fitted, or alternatively the repairer may ask you to purchase the parts yourself and then bring these along to a future Repair Café for fitment.

If you wish you may make a donation to the Repair Café in one of the donation jars located at the reception desk or at the repair work station.

We do not dispose of faulty products. If a product is no longer required then we recommend that it is taken to an approved recycling centre or local authority waste management centre for disposal. Product owners are responsible for the removal of all items that cannot be repaired.

The product should be able to be carried and not be larger than a piece of airline carry on luggage. If you are in doubt or have something unusual please contact Ros Carruthers via email: rcarruthers@uca.ac.uk

The product owner is responsible for providing (or paying for) any consumables such as leads, batteries, plugs, zips etc., that may be needed to attempt the repair. If parts are not available to complete the repair the product owner may be required to bring the item back to a future Repair Café for fitment.

We have a PAT tester available that can be used by one of our electrical repair volunteers who can carry out a general inspection and test to check the electrical safety of mains powered electrical devices. If you are unsure whether an electrical item is safe you should stop using it immediately, ensure it is unplugged from the mains supply and have the item checked by a competent electrician.

Repairers offer no guarantee or warranty for any repairs carried out with or without their help and are not liable if any repaired items do not work properly at home or break down again in the future.

Product owners are expected to remain with the repairer while the repair is being carried out. Items should not be left with the repairer and be picked up at a later time during the session.

FRC has a Safeguarding Policy – download here

Well behaved dogs on a lead are welcome. Parents or Guardians are responsible at all times for the behaviour and safety of their children and pets during their visit to Farnham Repair Café.

Yes, many product owners have attended using a wheelchair and we have also carried out repairs to wheelchairs for their owners. If you need any additional assistance please speak to one of our volunteers at the check-in reception desk.  

In general we do not attempt the repair of mobile phones. There are mobile device repairers in the area who can undertake this type of product repair and have the necessary specialist tools required.

Farnham Repair Café had an information page located in the events section of the Centre for Sustainable Design website. The web address can be found Here. 

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